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The very first Australian series I saw was Paradise Beach which aired latenight over the summer of 1994 on CTV. Far from great TV, watching this series was more about the novelty of seeing something Australian among the usual glut of American programming we normally received.

The idea behind the Australian Television Information Archive was born a few years later after the launch of a series of new cable channels is Canada resulted in a seemingly continuous stream of Australian televisions series appearing on our screens.

The first of these series was Phoenix. I recall seeing the show reviewed on the CBC’s Midday programme and making a note to check it out. This brilliant series was start of my fascination with Australian TV shows. Shows like Criminal Justice (Janus), Fire, Halifax fp, Good Guys Bad Guys, Water Rats, Adrenalin Junkies (Medivac), Raw FM, A Country Practice (…the list goes on) soon followed.

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