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Atomic Lizard Ranch is a nine acre captive breeding facility owned and operated by Paul & Collette Latimer since 1993. Located at the very southeast corner of Arizona bordering on Mexico; the local habitat consists of dry grassland to high desert, making it a perfect area for the outdoor habitation of the Inland Bearded Dragon, Rankins Dragon and other easy to keep lizards for the home hobbyist.

Here at the ranch we stress comfort, space, cleanliness and highly nutritional food for our animals. Since we live in the high desert, so far out of the way, we grow our own greens and raise most of our own insects. During July through September the monsoon season occurs which produces an abundance of grasshoppers and other insects which find their way into our enclosures.

In California during the winter of 1991 a friend introduced various species of reptiles to my husband and I. One of the many types we kept and studied during that time was the Inland Bearded Dragon (Pagona vittcap). At that time, they were hard to find but we managed to acquire seven babies, all of them the normal colored phase.

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