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A-Team services is an Atlanta air conditioning company that provides quality assistance to Atlanta residents. Committed to producing quality work at an affordable price, they offer a complete line of HVAC heating and cooling services to residential and commercial customers in the Atlanta area. They specialize in heating and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance, and are also able to provide high-quality duct cleaning services and other Atlanta HVAC services.

Serving the Atlanta area for over ten years, A-Team services has had a long history of providing expertly trained air conditioning specialists who assist in the installation and repair of heating and air conditioning units.

Keep Air Ducts Clean

Indoor air quality is important if you want your home to remain safe and comfortable. Cleaning the A/C unit's air ducts from time to time is an important part of maintaining indoor air quality. When the air conditioner or furnace is up and running, lots of things could get pulled into its ducts; and over time, could make a noticeable buildup of dust, dirt, and pollen.

It is commonly known that these air conditioning units use disposable filter systems that need to be checked and replaced regularly to maintain a clean air environment. However, in situations where these filters are not replaced regularly, could lead to a collection of dust, animal dander, dirt, pollen, allergens, and other harmful bacterias. These buildup makes room for mold spores, fungus and bacteria to grow which could then cause major and lasting respiratory issues that can otherwise have been avoided. It is best to be proactive. Take the time to change the filters and get routine maintenance services on the AC units as this could lengthen the appliance's performance and improve the air quality of the environment.

Common Air conditioning Problems

A/C units can be complicated equipments that could have foreseen and unforeseen problems. Common problems could include:

  • AC won't start up
  • Not circulating air properly
  • Doesn't produce enough cold air
  • Cycles go on and off frequently
  • Making odd and loud noises
  • Dripping water into building

Problems with an air conditioner can range from minor issues such as hearing disturbing noises, to more serious issues such as reduced airflow. Most A/C units may have unforeseen problems for a long period of time, and could cause a number of harmful effects such as major breakdowns that require an emergency A/C repair or other health hazards.

When experiencing a problem with an air conditioning unit, it is best to address the situation right away. Without getting immediate service to the problem, could result in major repairs and be very costly. Taking prompt action is best and this would save a lot of money and stress.


With proper maintenance, it is far less likely to experience major problems with the air conditioning units in the future. It is best to make provision for a yearly tune-up service that will keep the air conditioner performing at its best. In order to attain this promise the company is able to offer tune-up services such as:

  • Check the coolant levels
  • Check the system pressures and temperatures
  • Check amp draw on the compressor
  • Check the state of the belts
  • Check condensing unit coils

Air Conditioning Services

The A-Team services company promises to provide professional services to help keep the air conditioner performing at its best. In order to attain this promise the company is able to offer the following professional services best suited for both residential and commercial customers:

  • Heating service and repair
  • Air Conditioning service and repair
  • Furnace repair
  • HVAC Repair
  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Tune-ups
  • Duct Cleaning

It's easy not to think about the AC unit as long as it is working sufficiently. However, It is best to take the time to get the air conditioner serviced and checked regularly to avoid future breakdowns later on down the road.

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