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How everything startet... (written by Daniela Happel) started in 1997 as an internet magazine, which wanted to bring international, mainly western users closer to West- and South Asia. Its articles were mainly political and also discussed religious and cultural issues, human rights and rights of minorities from a critical and very liberal point of view. One by one, the editor Shahid Malik, a British-Asian media professional, added sections on fashion, lifestyle and Bollywood. Laughing, the sympathetic Malik recalled these beginnings during the forum meeting: “I was very interested in politics, but it got almost no hits. But Bollywood was hit so often; and when I counted the reactions on an article about Shah Rukh Khan, I dropped politics!”

The aim to bring Asia and the West closer together stayed, but the focus changed: To increase the interest in Bollywood films among a western audience and take it out of its niche in the NRI diaspora. And certainly, Malik’s unique access to Bollywood actors made the site very interesting. Besides, more and more readers wrote and asked for opportunities to discuss the articles in the magazine. So, in 2002, the forum of Asianoutlook was born!

Meanwhile, it has become one of the biggest international forums on Bollywood and everything to do with it. Moreover, it is the only one which also has information and discussion boards on all other Indian, Pakistani and also Iranian films, apart from the better known productions from Bombay. The number of its members has almost reached 10.000 and is truly global. From Russia to Italy and South Africa and from Pakistan to Japan and the United States members are online; the server is in India, the administrator lives in Germany and the owner in Britain. And since he has the best contacts, he again and again makes things possible which other fan clubs and forums can only dream of.

Thus, several proud forum members own signed photos and posters, a fantastic biography of Shah Rukh Khan went to a Canadian fan, a shirt worn by him in the film Don is now in a German fan’s home near Cologne. Shahid Malik even brings his members’ presents personally to Shah Rukh.

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