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Everyone has for years judged me from photos. They look at that I’m this blond, with big boobs. I’m thin skin, I’m just hitched. Put into this category, that’s who I’m defined as. As far as I feel like I have so much more depth about me. I’m a Mom and I’m working, and I just want people to see the real Ashy. Not someone who they think I am or someone who they’ve made up by reading media, or seeing media or someone else has told them. I feel like this is my chance for people to get to know me, the real me. There’s many sides of me which is silly, but also a serious business side. It’s also a very emotional, caring person as well, and there’s also people in my life as well.  I actually feel sorry for people that they don’t get to have the friendships I have. So this way they can have a little taste of it all, and being a Mom too. I want them to see that it can be done. Working, being a Mom, being fit and healthy, you can have it all.   Also challenging whatever they want. These snippets transpire other Moms to make some changes, and be healthy for the babies as well. 



Okay girls we know it’s all about the base, and to celebrate we’re bringing you my Ashy Bines Booty Challenge. I’m talking toning, lifting, slimming down thighs, growing that booty, burning fat, and eliminating cellulite, and lifting your butt once and for all. I started this program because I was in the same place you are right now, and I needed a better way to train those hard to target areas. I took it to my girls and perfected it. So now I bring it to the world, to teach you how to get maximum results, in a minimum amount of time. So you can quickly see difference and maintain your motivation. You will have access to our full program with our butt busting video library, containing over 40 unique exercises. Developed to help shape, tone, lift your booty, and designed with you in mind, no matter what your booty goals are. By targeting hips, thighs, and booty all at the same time, with advanced techniques to help get results fast. Our highly successful Ashy Bines cleaning diet plan and tips to stay motivated. The booty challenge is a great stand-alone program, or as an add on to your existing work out. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have access to a gym, or you’ve never trained before. We have you covered with this 28 day exercise plan that can be tailored specifically for your body type. These are proven techniques that target cellulite and help tone and shape, long lean legs and thighs. With my quick and easy home exercise plan that can suit all levels of fitness, we’re there for you when you’re ready to train. I believe you can get the body you want with hard work, determination, and the right advice. I’m going to help you get there with real results, and there’s no better time than now. For you to learn my bikini model secrets, to a toned and lifted booty, and the exact plan that I use to get photo shoot ready. I hope you’re excited to become a part of the amazing community of positive, motivated, and healthy girls like you, come together in our online forum to help each other out reaching their goals, and with the booty challenge lifting those butts. I know that you must be so sick of running for miles, and doing a hundred squats with little or no results. I know you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in a bikini. Or scrolling through on social media wishing, hoping, or dreaming, for that fit, toned, perky, butt. But now there’s no more excuses, and there’s no better time to stat than right now. So have a look around the site and join up now. I’m excited to get started together. Let’s kick some butt.



Four makes the call so our aim is to expand. These are our single leg dead lifts. So we are really working out hamstrings, but before you go down you really need to lock your core. Because if you don’t lock your core, you’re going to lose balance, and you’re going to lose the activation in your butt, and your hamstring. So before anything lock that core, and then slowly come down and back up. Also concentrating on your posture is really important as well. Once again we’re going to lock that core on, because if you don’t you lose your balance.  These are just amazing for your bums; really push through your heels. If you don’t, you push through your toes; this front muscle is going to take over your core. We’re really focused on all the back muscle. Really make sure you push up through your heels, and squeeze your butt all the way up from the bottom. So over here squeeze, and don’t forget to breathe. 

Oh my God that was so powerful. So that was our weighted section. We’re going to go and do some floor work over there. Lots of variations – it kicks butt. Weight sare done. Really burns. A lot of floor work. People think that it doesn’t do much, but when you do it properly. So now we’re finished the session except for one more thing, which is a wall squat for as long as we can. We’re going to do a wide leg wall squat. I’m tired. Wall squat because it works your inner thighs more. So I consider most of the exercises when you are doing your wall sit. If you’re not pushing through your heels, then your funny legs going to work and we work that in everything we do. We really want to focus on your butt. So you’re going to push through your heels, push back against the wall, and make sure your posture is on point. 3 minutes 15 you are amazing, oh my God 5 minutes. 


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