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So, therefore, in the parts of the universe also every creature exists for its own proper act and perfection, and the less noble for the nobler, as those creatures that are less noble than man exist for the sake of man, whilst each and every creature exists for the perfection of the entire universe. Furthermore, the entire universe, with all its parts, is ordained towards God as its end, inasmuch as it imitates, as it were, and shows forth the Divine goodness, to the glory of God.

Running with Jesus

I went to a meeting of a Catholic study group called Communion and Liberation in Sacramento the other night. (If you don't know about them, you should check them out.)

After our study session, we all drove down the street to a local Mexican restaurant for refreshments and conversation. As I parked and got out of the car, I noticed a family of five or six on their way out of the establishment standing in the parking lot waiting for a straggler to catch up, saying their goodbyes. One of them had an impatient two and a half or three year old, and daddy took her over to the far end of the lot and "raced" with her back to the group. The little girl galloped - mostly bouncing up and down, awkwardly, like a penguin in a big hurry. In keeping with the age old ritual dad galloped slightly ahead, then lost pace as she caught up half way to the finish line. Dad was sure to stay right by her side, just a nose ahead or a nose behind the entire rest of the way, as the child bounded across the parking lot, twisting her face up with the effort and giggling in delight. The little girl shrieked in ecstasy as she nosed ahead for the victory at the finish line- Mom's waiting arms.

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