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Aqua-Cycle Water Trikes - Ride a Tricycle on Water


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Aqua-Cycles are safe, fun, durable, low maintenance and VERY profitable. From Florida to Japan, Europe to South America and Alaska to the Cape, Aqua-Cycles are there for water recreationists, rental operators and the general run-loving public.

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toys_03s.jpg IrvinePark1s.jpg fc107s.jpg Ride a Tricycle on Water

Steer with the front wheel and pedal with the rear wheels. No training or special lessons are necessary. The three large buoyant wheels support even the heaviest load.

Aqua-Cycles® require only occasional lubrication of bearings and steering. Their low maintenance and high rental profits make them an asset to any rental operation. Because of their heavy duty construction, they are almost indestructible and very difficult to overturn.

Aqua-Cycles® are proven profit makers. Rental rates range from $6 per half-hour and $10 per hour up to $25 per half-hour and $30 per hour, depending upon the location. You determine the rate and the return on your investment.

Most locations earn back the purchase price in less than one season and, with an average life span of 12 years even in saltwater locations, Aqua-Cycles® just keep on making profit for their owners.

A typical rental location will have 4-7 Aqua-Cycles®. Imagine - just 7 Aqua-Cycles® rented 4 times per day at $10 per half-hour for a 70 day season will gross $19,600 with a purchase cost of only $20,300. That's almost a 100% return on your investment the first year and you have them paid off. Each year after that you put the cash in your pocket. Obviously, your location, rental rates, and experiences may vary.

You don't want to operate a rental business? Then place them into someone else's rental location. Let them do the work, you provide the equipment, and split the gross, 50% to them and 50% to you. This can be a great return on your investment while someone else does all the work.

Aqua-Cycles® are available in five UV resistant, bright colors so they attract attention and bring renters to your location. Order now to be ready when your season begins.

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