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Free resources for people that work with kids: Crafts, Coloring Pages, Games, Puzzles, Activities, Educational Materials, Clowning, Puppetry, Sunday School lessons, Amateur Move Making, Object Lessons.


What is Apple Sauce Kids (ASK)? We are involvement ideas, and materials. You have asked God to show you how to get involved with kids. You have asked for new ideas, games, and activities. Well, this site is God's way of answering those prayers. We are involvement ideas, and materials by the pile, and everything is FREE. There are no more excuses, get out there and help a kid.

Apple Sauce Kids (ASK) is truly becoming a bridge from were you are to were you want to be. A bridge from who you are to who you want to be. Apple Sauce Kids went on line Jan.1, 1997, and operates out of Camden, Delaware. God has taken what started as a simple little hobby web site and has turned it into a full blown world wide ministry that reaches hundreds of thousands of people a year, WOW!!! I can hardly believe what God has done with the seeds that have been planted here!

You will note that everything is copy righted. This has not been done to keep anyone from using anything on this site. It is a legal defensive posture, to keep someone from taking something from this site and then trying to charge us for using our own stuff that they now claim is theirs. As long as you do not try to do anything that is shady with our materials, you will not have any trouble from us. We are here to provide free materials. We are not here to provide free materials for you to sell. If you like this site, please Click Here and recommend it to a friend.

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