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Animz.NET is a Joomla style CMS which came online in 1st June of 2007. It provides a good number of direct downloads for Animes such as; "One Piece", "Bleach", "Claymore", "Naruto Shippuuden" and many other. Its uploads are free and anyone can download them without the need to register first. There is a variety of video formats and there might be also some mirrors. The main files are encoded with RealMedia (.rmvb), DivX (.avi), Matroska (.mkv) and the best codecs, in their newest versions, can be found in the forum for free download. The Uploading Service, which is being used by Animz.NET to upload its files, is MegaUpload has been chosen because of its light limitations (instead of RapidShare), which allow a free user to download a large ammount of files without getting stressed, plus there is no need to split the, big to storage size, anime movie files (RapidShare has a 100MB limitation per file)...

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This is the Animz.NET Mascot. Bear Kon from the Bleach Anime Series. Kon's wearings are changing according the seasons of the year.

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