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Angelina Jolie Fansite - Unofficial fansite including forums, pics, and more


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To put it simply, this site was made by and is run by fans of Angelina Jolie. It is an ongoing effort to continue to improve the site and we hope we're doing a good job. For those new to the site, you'll notice that there is already a thriving community interacting not only on a daily or even hourly basis.

This is a fansite - As this is a fansite for Angelina Jolie, we do not allow any kind of inflamatory, gossipy, or generally rude content.

PG 13 - This site is enjoyed by all age groups and to that end we restrict posts & material to be of PG13. We are aware that Angelina has done restricted material and are working towards improving our interface to grant restricted access to appropriate age groups. This is a planned enhancement however so for the current time, all posted materials must be appropriate for all ages.

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