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Angel MedFlight "Air Ambulance Service"

Angel MedFlight offers comprehensive worldwide air and ground ambulance services. Their aircraft and crew are well-equipped to accommodate patients. They transport patients worldwide so that they get best possible care. Angel MedFlight is the only air medical transport company in the country that is truly a full service provider. They arrange ground ambulance transfers, along with air ambulance and commercial medical escort services. Their staff is always on call, at the airport, next to the aircraft, ready to respond to a medical evacuation. Safety, urgency, and excellence in patient care are their priorities. Their "One Touch Promise®" ensures that all transport needs are handled with integrity, excellence and due attention.

About the Services

One Touch Promise®

" Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise® assures you that every detail is handled. Our One Touch Promise means that Angel MedFlight will commit all of our resources to guide the process from start to finish..."

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On the ground services

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Angel MedFlight is an air and ground ambulance provider. They are the country's only true full service provider, arranging ground ambulance either independently or as a part of an air transfer. Angel MedFlight can coordinate ground ambulance for any number of circumstances: long distance transport, local transfer, transportation to medical appointments or, of course, as a part of a complete patient transfer.

Air Services

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Angel MedFlight has a fleet of jets and twin-engine medical aircraft, operated under an FAA Part 135 certificate. The company utilizes the Learjet 35 and 60 and the Cessna Citation X for worldwide transportation of patients. The aircraft are never chartered or leased out; they are owned and maintained by the company's Part 135 air certificate holder, Aviation West Charters. The aircraft are medically configured for patient transports. All aircraft are FAA Part 135 compliant and airworthy. For every 1 hour that an aircraft is in the air, 1.8 hours are spent on its maintenance.

About the staff

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Angel MedFlight's qualified, competent medical staff, flight crew and administrative personnel are top-notch. Their medical personnel undergo a rigorous initial orientation and meet stringent continuing education requirements on an annual basis. Flight crew are subject to simulator training in the type of aircraft they are operating, FAA checkrides, maintaining Class 1 medical, and all other FAA requirements.

Equipment and Medications

Innovative life-saving technologies are one of the reasons Angel MedFlight is an elite provider of ground and air ambulance capabilities. Angel MedFlight's fully medically customized aircraft have the finest medical devices and monitoring capabilities. They apply the latest technologies in the air medical industry. The wireless technologies they use transmit critical patient data to waiting physicians, which decreases wait time and improves the quality of treatment. The following medical equipment is available with Angel MedFlight ambulance service.

  • Custom Stretcher & Base
  • Ventilator
  • Multi-Channel IV Pump
  • Heart Monitor with Instant Digital Wireless Transmitting
  • Antibiotics for Parasitic Infections
  • Broad Spectrum Antibiotics for Bacterial Infection

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How to go about a transfer?

Did you know?
To ensure continuity of care, Angel MedFlight's medical team is with the patient from the very beginning of the transfer. Their team arrives at the patient's bedside at the sending facility or hospital, meets with sending medical staff, assesses the patient's condition, comforts the patient, accompanies the patient in the ground ambulance to the airfield, constantly monitoring patient condition and offering support. The Angel MedFlight team flies with the patient, then accompanies them by ground ambulance to the receiving hospital or facility, for a truly Bedside-to-Bedside® patient transfer. Read more FAQ

The Angel MedFlight team is well-equipped to handle all medical transport situations, from international medical evacuations, to local ground ambulance transfers. Angel MedFlight arranges the medical transport according to the patient's needs, based on specific case-by-case information. The following categories are typical of patient transfer requests:

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Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service

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