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This blog is distinguished in many ways from the rest of the "blogosphere." For one thing, I am stubbornly nonconformist regarding social norms (i.e., not "politically correct"), and only vaguely attuned to fashion or pop culture. My sensibilities are too unique to describe in succinct fashion, but I am definitely a nature lover and fascinated by foreign cultures, especially Latin America. My blog entries cover a rigidly defined set of topics, with varying degrees of intensity according to how much is going on in each area. Two of the main topical pages -- Academics and Chaos Theory -- are not blogs, since there are no regular updates on them, but merely informational resources and "advertisements" of my scholarly endeavors. Also, I am not totally obsessed with generating Web traffic or ranking high in Technorati's list of blogs. The blog is "self-powered," with the text entries being hand-coded in HTML (Glenn Reynolds calls this "carving in stone"), with the archives and permalinks being set up in a sort of "proprietary" scheme that evolved over time. When I first started this Web site, in fact, I didn't even know what a blog was, because I consciously put off keeping up with the Internet during the 1990s until I finished my doctoral dissertation. Now I'm overcompensating. Finally, being an old-fashioned kind of guy, I strive to maintain a reasonable, dignified, respectful tone, and refrain from "ranting" about things that annoy me, with one notable exception: Peter Angelos.
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1500 N. Coalter St. Apt. D2
Staunton VA US

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