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The wonderfully handcrafted Leather bags that suit your needs. A collection of products ranging from soft and supple leather to Vintage Italian leather to envy for or from small grab bag to large shoulder handbags and tote handbags that goes with you on all occasions. We at Overseas Leather Goods Limited are proud to introduce you to our prime collection;

'ANDD'... The designer leather Handbag you have been waiting for!!!

These high-on-style handbags not only celebrate functionality but reflect a chic contemporary vibe. The hues of colours are appropriately complimented with high quality metal accessories. The designs reflect seasonal fashion trends which makes them ‘a must have for today's women’!!

Our aim at Overseas Leather Goods Limited is to create high quality genuine leather handbags at an affordable price. All the handbags displayed are made of high quality genuine leather and are individually designed and hand crafted. The products are sourced from our exclusive manufacturing base having more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing leather products and exporting them to different parts of the World. It gives us the leverage on maintaining our high quality and attractive price.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to these unique collections of handbags at our exclusive online shop. Please feel free to indulge yourself in this luxurious experience.

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