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American Profile is a weekly, four-color magazine that celebrates hometown American life. It's a heartfelt reminder of what's good about who we are and the places many of us still call home. American Profile is about places where drive-in movies, county fairs, and simple acts of neighborly kindness are more than fond memories. They are woven into the fabric of everyday life. It's about Sunday afternoon picnics, 4th of July parades where people aren't ashamed to shed a tear when the flag passes, and about doing what's right-just because it's right. American Profile is about this country's roots, and the people and places that still make America great. more


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I recently read your article on "Little house on the Prairie." I am an avid fan of the show. I watch it 3 hours a day. I have always wondered about some of the cast members, especially "Mathew Laborteax. He seamed to disapear from television. I have tried to find him, but no luck.

You also answered alot of other questions about other cast members that I did not know about.

Since the show is so popular, Can you look up a few more characters, like Almonzo, Mary's husband, Adam. I was sorry to hear that Issia Edwards died. What did he die of?

Can you tell me more about Mathew Laborteaux, how to reach him, maybe some more facts about the cast.

I am sure there are alot more fans that are interested about the cast today, what they are doing. The only one's that we see regular on TV are Melissa and Sara Gilbert.

Thank you for your article. I really enjoyed it. I almost didn't see it. I was going to throw it away and then my eye caught the story title. I am so glad that I did.


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