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Alta Vista was once the most popular search engine, and for a while ranked closely behind Google and Yahoo. From 1995 until its purchase by Yahoo in 2004, it was recognized as one of the best search engines to use, and its Advanced Search features have never been replicated by any major search engine since. It actually became a search engine by accident as Alta Vista was designed by Digital Equipment Corporation to host a new line of servers.

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'Alta Vista' foi, em tempos, o mais popular motor de pesquisa, e por um tempo perto classificado por trás Google e Yahoo. De 1995 até à sua aquisição pelo Yahoo, em 2004, foi reconhecido como um dos melhores motores de busca a utilizar, bem como as suas características Pesquisa Avançada nunca foram reproduzidos por qualquer um dos principais mecanismos de pesquisa desde então. É realmente tornou-se um motor de busca por acidente como Alta Vista foi projetado pela Digital Equipment Corporation para acolher uma nova linha de servidores.


'Alta Vista became a very popular search engine because the sophisticated crawler could cover more web pages than any other. This made it the first full text database on the World Wide Web. Today more than 15 million hits take place on Alta Vista each day. Many people choose Alta Vista because it offers advanced digital searching and continues to update features as technology allows.

Other notable accomplishments of Alta Vista include being the first to offer a multi lingual search capacity. These languages include English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. They system is also designed to translate a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. With people all over the world using the internet these features help reduce the geographical barriers. Alta Vista was also the first search engine to offer video and audio capabilities.

In February of 2003, AltaVista was purchased by Overture, which was in turn purchased by Yahoo in August, 2004. Yahoo replaced the AltaVista search engine with its own results shortly therafter.


Using the Alta Vista search engine is very simple. While a great deal of technical processing is going on behind the scenes, all you will see is a well laid out webpage that quickly provides you with the results you are looking for. Type the keywords into the search box. You can narrow the search to the USA or allow a worldwide search to take place. There are also advanced search settings to choose from including all words or exact phrases. You can also choose to get your results in text, images, MP3/audio, video, or news.

Do you have some text that you need translated? It can be very expensive to pay for translation software, especially if you don’t use it very often. Alta Vista offers the Babel Fish Translation. Simply enter the text or even a webpage into the section and choose the language to translate to. This is a free service offered by Alta Vista.

There are many other features that Alta Vista offers for free as well. The toolbar provides you with the search tools you need especially if you spend a great deal of time conducting research or translating. This toolbar also features a pop up blocker as we all know how annoying they can be.

The Directory

The Alta Vista directory is updated continually, so you will always have access to the most current information available on the World Wide Web. You will find a general directory as well as one designed specifically for shopping and one just for travel. The yellow pages and people finder make getting a number or an address very simple and convenient. Since Alta Vista has the most up to date information you will have the best chances of finding newer listings here than anywhere else.

To make sure you are getting the results you are looking for, Alta Vista offers you the opportunity to customize the settings. The Family Friendly Filter ensures content you don’t want your children viewing can’t be accessed. I have found that some graphic sites have names very similar to children’s sites so if they misspell or mistype the wording they can get access to a site I prefer they don’t see. Alta Vista adds security against this.


Alta Vista is dedicated to providing internet consumers with fast and reliable information on any subject they desire. Yet this information is easy to access and to customize with features you won’t find offered on many other search engines. The larger the World Wide Web becomes, the more vital these types of features become. Alta Vista understands this and offers a team of engineers who strive to us technology to bring the complexity of the internet to a simple click for you.



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