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Myke and Dick are the Dudes who put the Dude in Aloha Dude, if you know what I’m saying. Dick, er, I, like to broadcast radio shows and cram music into playlists on my iPod. Myke prefers the behind the scenes advisory role. “Dick, shut up!” “Quit buying CDs, Dick!” and “What does podcasting have to do with your socks laying on the floor where you took them off?” Seriously folks, he’s really a patient guy and I love him. There!

We spent 4 years on Kauai running a vacation rental business and operating an Internet Hut with some groovy friends. We’ve retired those businesses and are now shuttling between New York City and the Sierra Nevadas where we’re building a Pod landing strip and hangar.

For 2 years I broadcast “Sleep Walking” an early morning dreamy eclectic program on KKCR on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. KKCR is truly inspired community radio. The kind staff and volunteer base made me love radio all over again.

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Tidwell, Jeff
Midpines CA
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