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AllWebDirectories was launched in 1999 as a guide to small directories on different specific topics. After spending a lot of time on searching major engines while looking for a reliable hosting service I found a couple of smaller directories ( of course, smaller than Yahoo, Looksmart, etc) which listed much more hosting companies than those "big" guys ( I mean Yahoo, and others). The search was finally over. It was just a matter of a couple of hours to find at least 10 companies who seemed to offering a service I needed.

Then I started looking for the smaller directories on other major subjects. After I had found some directories I decided to list all those directories in one directory. Of course the directory is not completed yet and I'm sure it will have "under construction" status for a long time since more and more directories will be added.

Since that this directory of directories became my favorite source for Internet searching. The main beauty of - it saves my time, because I do not have to go through endless search engines results with many links to the sites which have absolutely nothing to do with the topic I'm looking for. More over, and I think, very important thing about smaller directories is that they list many websites you can never find through search engines because of their constant stupid changing rules, dropping off their databases and taking money just for reviewing your site without any guarantee to list it.

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