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AllAmericanWineries ™ is the culmination of my lifelong love of wine. I grew up in California, just north of San Francisco and spent my "summer of love" exploring the wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties, and driving the winding roads running east/west between the main north/south highways. In my 20s, I began to visit wineries in the remainder of California. I expanded my horizons further north to wineries in Oregon and Washington while visiting friends and relatives in those two states. I visited wineries in Texas when I lived there from 1983 to 1989, as well as wineries in Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma during my travels. When I moved to the northern Virginia suburbs near Washington, DC, I discovered a number of quality of wines in the birthplace of American winemaking in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. In 1996, I spent a week visiting the wineries in the Bordeaux and St. Emilion regions of France. During the past 35 years, I have visited over 400 wineries in 25 states. I have spoken with winery owners, helped them with pruning, cutting, picking, crushing, bottling, and (my personal favorite) tasting. I've helped disgorge and taste a brand new sparkling brut wine with a side of fresh strawberries after walking through 10 inches of new snow to get to the cellar. I've sampled Cabernet Sauvignon right from the oak aging cask along with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies so warm my hands were covered with melted chocolate when I was done. I agree with Louis Pasteur (or was it Galileo?), who opined that "Wine is sunlight, held together by water."

In July 2000, I retired after a 30-year career with the U.S. Government, and began searching for wineries to visit during my retirement travels. I quickly discovered that most of the nation-wide Internet winery directories were not as complete as they inferred. I examined thirteen nation-wide Internet sites that claimed to offer a complete listing of wineries in the United States, and found them to be less than adequate for my traveling needs. They might pick a single source for their winery listings, load the data onto their site, slap on some advertising banners for revenue, and go on to another project. Seeing a need for a truly complete listing, I began a project to identify all East Coast wineries. My research revealed that these other sites listed only 1% to 80% of the wineries in states east of the Mississippi River. Some sites had not been updated in over a year, and did not contain new wineries or contained listings for wineries no longer in business. One site had a bad link to their home page (or were no longer in business). One site had an unreadable search results page. Three sites returned fewer than 1% of the wineries east of the Mississippi River, one returned less than 10% of the wineries, and one returned less than 20% of the wineries. One of the most attractive sites lists only 22% of the 750+ eastern U.S. wineries! One of the most complete sites returned slightly more than 80% of eastern U.S. wineries, but the listing for more than 40 states was in alphabetical sequence by winery name, not segregated by state, making it extremely difficult to locate wineries in a given state. Only one (a commercial site) approaches the comprehensive listing compiled here.

After more than four months of full-time initial research, AllAmericanWineries ™ identified and indexed or linked to over 1,800 wineries in the United States. If a state-specific winery board or state winery trade association appeared to have a comprehensive index of all wineries in their state, I provided a link to their site. This enables you (the wine-loving traveler) to locate most of the wineries in those linked states, while I verify that the information in their directory meets the quality and completeness standards of AllAmericanWineries ™.

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