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Excerpted from the website: es una empresa joven dedicada a ofrecer servicios relacionados con el desarrollo, promoción e imagen a nivel internet e impresos, así como el desarrollo de material interactivo y capacitación a distancia.

Desde el 2000 se dedica a realizar sitios con alto contenido visual y funcional de acuerdo a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

Hemos provisto soluciones de espacio desde 2003. En el 2000 cuando nuestra compañía no proveía servicios de espacio nos vimos forzados a referir a nuestros clientes a compañías no afiliadas. El nivel de servicio que nuestros clientes recibían era terrible para nosotros. En 2003 iniciamos un servicio de espacio muy superior a nuestros clientes.

El apoyo y la fiabilidad que ofrecemos han resultado ser el factor clave en nuestra capacidad de ser una fuerza competitiva en el crecimiento que recibe el mercado de servicios de desarrollo y programación web.

Lo que nos da la confianza de ofrecerle las mejores garantías y servicios a un precio justo.

About us: is a young company dedicated to offer services related to the development, promotion and image at Internet level and forms, as well as the development of interactive material and e-learning.

From the 2000 is dedicated to make sites with rich visual and functional content according to the necessities of our clients. We have provided solutions with space from 2003. In the 2000 when our company did not provide services of space we were ourselves forced to refer our clients to companies nonaffiliated. The level on watch that our clients received was terrible for us. In 2003 we initiated a service of space far beyond our clients.

The support and the reliability that we offer have turned out to be the key factor in our capacity to be a competitive force in the growth that receives the market of services of development and programming Web.

What it gives the confidence us to just offer the best guarantees and services to him to a price.


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Additional Information

Creation and automatization of data bases custom-made of yours necessities under PHP and MySql

Web design, creation and programming of banners, logo, Web site, themes for CMS, animations, flash intros or even a complete layout to be made fulfilling its espectativas and necessities

Domain Registry, transfer, park, redirection (.com, .org, .net, .com .mx, .tv, .biz, .cc and more) as well as free registry of domains

The space which you need surely for expression of your ideas , stable, with the best services and extras than you need all our plans have include cpanel and fantastico

Search Engine Submission and Web Site Promotion (yahoo, google, and 1000 more)

Space and redirection of e mail if you want to personalize your mail () and do not only need a page in if this is your option

Installation of scripts if you need some special script like CMS (content manager system), blogs, systems of the news etc., in we were in charge from the purchase (in its case) to the correct operation to a low cost.

Programming, design of interactive CD'S one more way to promote your mark giving it interactivity to your products

Special designs, developments support to projects and non-profit organizations

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