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Alecomm was developed to be the "go-between", so to speak, for the community and the government. Our services are necessary to provide information for our senators and politicans - to see that the public is more than capable of coming up with ideas that can sometimes save the government alot of money with very simple solutions, or save alot of public grief with very simple solutions. Join us and become part of an organisation that helps make the system work better! We not only provide interesting reading to our clients, with their option to submit information for production, but we also have many other options as a client of Alecomm. We work for the groups that require the help that constantly falls upon deaf ears. The government recognises that it does not have all the answers, as the people that work for the government are only human themselves, and we must all admit that ears should be open to one and all whom have something to say that benefits all. We also take information for a range of projects such as Parental Rights Seizure. Many parents whom have raised their children from birth, have had no negative Docs, police or medical reports are finding themselves without their children these days because of major loopholes in the family law legislation. Parents who have lost their children are encouraged to register and submit all their details in the interest of putting all heads together to get our children, of "the New Stolen Generation" returned. Alecomm runs many programs, Children Lost in the System for instance, where children are being taken by fit parents where there is no evidence of abuse or harm. View Family Law Projects for more information or read the Bad Judgements section also. At Alecomm, our system is simple, and we guarantee total anonymity for all submissions. For further information on this, please view our Legal Information Section. Information held by Alecomm is subject to strict confidentiality guidelines, and, disregarding information on services, projects and proposals, is unavailable to the public. Other Projects Under Construction Alecomm We are currently constructing another section within child protection for survivors of child sexual abuse, and will be gathering information for willing parties whom feel there is no point in using the law system for their perpetrators. This is usually because they are told it was too long ago, they should have come forward earlier etc. In this section we will gather information on the perpetrators and then victims will be able to assume that they are not on their own in pushing forward with their matter. We do understand that sometimes due to the status of a perpetrator that victims are sometimes very reluctant to push forward via the courts methods that's why we can collate their information and check for patterns. Other information will be provided to victims pending approval from the administrators here at Alecomm, however, very strict and stringent guidelines are in place. For further information please contact this department directly on 980512 - Telstra Directory Assistance Scam 980513 - ANZ Non-Withdrawl Availability 980514 - Staff at Centrelink Lakehaven busted ripping off Welfare Recipient 980519 - No-Go for PIAC 980510 - Mako Legislation Requirements 980517 - Legislation Required in order to Protect Fit Parents 980515 - Documented Adverse Effects of Forced Third Party Visitation 980518 - Importance of Restoration of Parental Rights 980505 - Mothers Right to feed her Child 980506 - Environmental Requests to Large Corporations 980509 - Workers Compensation No-Claim Bonuses 980508 - MAKO and the Public 980516 - Breaches of the Australian Constitution 980507 - Parental Right Seizure 980504 - Protecting the Aussie Worker 980503 - Industrial Relations - Fees & Charges 980502 - State Debt Non-Recovery Office Pre-Purchase 10 packs of Central Coast, Newcastle and The Hunter Entertainment Books for 2007 / 2008 to support Alecomm. Distribution ETA Mid-April. Cost is $600, with thousands of dollars in savings throughout the book. New sections available this year include Health and Beauty Products with up to 50% discount at places. Click here to purchase Other areas in Australia available on request are: Adelaide Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds Canberra Geelong, Surf Coast and Ballarat Gold Coast and Surrounds Greater Melbourne Parramatta, The Hills, Blue Mountains and Macarthur Perth Sydney Sydney North New Zealand locations are: Auckland Christchurch Wellington , alecomm, australian legislative ethics commission, ausaec, ethics, ethics commission, legislative, marney macdonald, marney, marney macdonald, alecomm, ausaec, australian legislative ethics commission, ethics, neville the dork, government, Government, Marney MacDonald, Marney, Hinspeter, Workers Comp, Workers Compensation, Compo, SPURS, State Debt Recovery Office, SDRO, ATO, Tax, Paedophiles, Sentencing, Paedophile, Crime, Environment, Legislation, Public, Help, Politician, Senator, Â



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