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Dhrupad, Tilaanaa, Thumree, Kajaree, Lawnee, Beehaag, Chaitee, Kaharwaaa, Kimtaa, Horee, Beekaat, Malaar, Gaajaal, Ghazal, Daadra, Barmasee, Rikta And Bhitahpaat, Dammaar and Qawaali. Some of the Classical titles of songs our sons and daughters sings in their own unique (Melody) style in Trinidad and Tobago.
Classical singing, Tan singing, Tent singing and Baitaak Gana, a singing artform was brought to Trinidad by the indentured labourers from India since 1845. They left their land with the memories of their customs, rituals, traditions and most of all, the songs and music which came embedded in their hearts.

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