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Air Doctors LLC Home Air Doctors is a company that does mold remediation,but much more we have products that sanitize,and eliminates bacteria up to 99.99999%. Developed by Sandia Labs the product was originally designed for the military to kill Anthrax,Yet is safer to use than bleach. If anyone is bringing home a new baby,we will completely sanitize the home and eliminate any bacteria that could be harmful Our products also prevent cross contamination. We have hand sanitizers completely alcohol free and a joy to the medical community.


Excerpted from the website description:

  1. Our laundry detergent,eradicates highly contagious bacteria and viruses that cause the common cold and flu.
  2. Foaming hand sanitizer,100% alcohol free, this is very important becaus alcohol removes our natural body oils that is meant to protect us naturally.

More effective than the leading hand sanitizer at killing Norovirus.

  1. Carpet cleaner, cleans and sanitizes. Killing E.Coli as well as other "Gram Negative" Bugs. Numerous Odors including MVOC'S
  2. DePhyze 3D, This product is amazing eradicates highly contagious bacteria and viruses that cause flu food poisoning and other infections.

Neutralize and prevent the spread of highly infectious blood borne,viral diseases Breaks down and destroys mold and mold spores and leaves a barrier that prevents mold from growing back.



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Air Doctors LLC is a micro certified,Bonded and insured company.We offer free inspections, All testing is done through P&K Labs

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