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Agora Laboratories Inc., the prefered H.323 component supplier


Agora Labs sells protocol stacks, video codecs and audio codecs. Former Lucent elemedia customers now have an upgrade path to newer versions of the ever-changing standards.



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We are a start-up company founded by a group of former Lucent Bell Labs engineers. We sell and support two H.323 protocol stacks. One is specifically designed for embedded systems, and the other is specifically designed for host-based platforms such as Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Linux. We also sell and support four video codecs that conform to the H.261, H.263, H.263+ and MPEG-4 standards.

It all began as several Bell Labs engineers gathered for lunch at a "place of popular assembly." As we talked shop, the topic of conversation eventually led to the idea of starting our own company. As we pooled the collective talent and expertise at that lunch table, it became very clear that we were, in essence, gathering technology for this new venture. Consequently, the word Agora is very fitting for use in our company name. The word "Laboratories" or "Labs" reflects our extensive Bell Labs heritage. Indeed, Agora Labs is a place where technology and expertise gathers.

Agora Labs is involved in both product development and system integration. We develop, support and market products and technology that enable real-time voice, video and data communications over packet networks, including the Internet, as well as other networks based on the Internet Protocol (IP). We also license Intellectual Property from other corporations. We then integrate and combine together various systems and technologies to form a more complete product solution and bring it quickly to market. We have excellent working relationships with some of the major telecommuniction vendors. Please take a few moments to look at the products and services we offer. Then contact us. There are many ways we can help you develop your IP-based multimedia products and services.


Agora Labs offers software components in support of application developers in the multimedia over IP industry. Agora Labs' customers typically build upon these components to develop new multimedia services or applications. Currently, the major Agora Labs products include:

Protocol Stacks -- These are the underlining technology that allow communication between each of the functional blocks of an IP Telephony application. A protocol stack implementation consists of a set of software libraries that a developer would use to build applications. Indeed, they are the "building blocks" of all IP Telephony products. H.323 protocol stacks are stacks that adhere to the ITU-T H.323 suite of international standards and thus insure the developer complete interoperability with other vendor's IP Telephony products. Agora Labs has two distinct lines of H.323 protocol stacks, the EX3230S protocol stack and the PX3230S protocol stack. Each stack was originally developed by Lucent elemedia. Each stack provides feature-rich software libraries but each is targeted to a different end of the application spectrum.

Video Codecs -- Transmission of video in its raw format is far too bandwidth intensive. Software components that compress and uncompress the raw video data into smaller bitstreams whose bandwidth requirements are more manageable, are called video encoders and decoders, or simply, video codecs. Like protocol stacks, video codecs that adhere to the ITU-T international standards insure complete interoperability with other products. Agora Labs has four video codecs to choose from. Our H.263 compliant product is the VX1000SP codec, our H.263+ compliant product is the VX2000S codec, our H.261 compliant product is the VX3000S codec, and our MPEG-4 compliant product is the VX4000S codec. Each of these video codecs were originally developed by Lucent elemedia.

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