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Anthropologists credit the Horn of Africa as a cradle of humanity. There is also ample evidence that suggests the Upper Nile Valley of the Horn is a cradle of civilization closely related to the civilization of Ancient Egypt. Because of its geopolitical significance, the region has been the site of serious historical conflicts and changes since antiquity. More recently, the Horn of Africa has become one of the flashpoints of natural and manmade disasters, such as famine in Ethiopia and genocide in Rwanda and Darfur (western Sudan). Credible international human rights groups, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have been reporting egregious human rights violations in Ethiopia, particularly against the Oromo people. Genocide Watch, the coordinator of international campaign to end genocide, has put Ethiopia on its watch list by issuing a statement on January 8 (updated on January 23), 2004 regarding "genocidal massacres of Anuak people in and around Gambella, Ethiopia". There is a serious concern that violations of human rights of the Oromo people have also escalated to the level of genocide by a synchronized attack on different aspects of the life of the people.
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