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Aetna specializes in providing high quality insurance facilities towards improving overall health of people. It also provides insurance towards individuals or groups as well as for disabled people.


Aetna is dedicated to helping people realize better health along with the dual advantage of financial security. Aetna helps people make informed decisions on their health care. The company has about 15.7 million medical members, 13.655 million dental members and approximately 10.496 million pharmacy members. With more than 783000 health care professionals and 458000 doctors and specialists and approximately 4681 hospitals in its network, Aetna is undoubtedly a leading choice in insurance and health care. Aetna is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut and has employees spanning over 50 states of America. Their services are aimed at employees of small, medium as well as large sized businesses. Aetna has 3 companies under its wing namely Active Health Management, Strategic Resource Company and The Chickering Group.

Products and Services

Aetna provides a unique assurance of a broad range of choices in terms of insurance as well as employee benefits programs. They also provide cost effective health programs that do not weigh down heavy on the pockets and help people achieve optimal health as well. They also provide comprehensive support features to help members understand information. Aetna provides a range of products and services such as:

  • Health insurance plans
  • Life and disability insurance policies
  • Global benefits

Health Plans

Aetna provides health plans and programs catering to the medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health segments in addition to providing various other health programs. Their medical health plans ensure affordability and flexibility while also being easy to use. They have customizable programs depending on the unique needs of each employee. Therefore they have a range of options to choose from like the network only facility where a single doctor manages the health care, a network optional that gives employees the flexibility to choose what they want, indemnity which offers the freedom to an employee to choose any licensed health care professional, retiree that provides for early retirement health plans as well as for those retirees who quality for Medicare.

Aetna also provides health funds and a ready network of top specialists and facilities. In their dental health plans, in addition to all the above flexible options, Aetna also provides what is known as the hybrid plan design where you have two-in-one facilities in built. They also have dental riders to enhance HMO medical benefits. They also offer attractive on the spot discounts for all employees. Their health funds enable employees to learn more about health care and how they can control costs. Aetna also offers various pharmacy related services that range from providing health funds, to offering insurance and benefit plan designs, as well as providing pharmacy solutions, along with special discount cards with attractive prices. They also have a section on preferred drug list which anybody would find useful to keep a tab on which drugs can be potentially dangerous and which are ok to use.

Their behavioral health plans are designed to ensure a healthy and happy mind, which in turn will lead to greater efficiency and productivity levels as well as reduced absenteeism from the workplace. Their benefit information provides a wide range of options for the benefits programs to employees. They also offer in-depth product information that employees can browse before coming to a decision. Their out of the shadow initiative deserves special mention because of their drive to eliminate the stigma and general perceptions associated with mental illnesses. Through proper education and informative documentaries, Aetna aims to help people with behavioral disorders lead a relatively normal life.

Their other health programs include wellness offerings as well as disease management services.

For the disabled, Aetna has a very unique approach to health care. They provide consultation while taking into account the holistic view of the person, and not just a single aspect of the person. Therefore their plans too have the extra advantage in being comfortable to adhere to and being easy to follow as well. They have flexible disability programs with plans to manage absence from work effectively. Their predictive modeling enables them to detect disabilities before they occur.

Aetna’s global benefits program is designed to help people from across the world have access to emergency services, superior customer service combined with a comprehensive portal on health and security.

Franchising Opportunity

Aetna offers people a unique opportunity to be able to sell Aetna’s products and services. They have a large well established network all over America, customizable products and solutions designed to fit each individual’s unique requirements, as well as health savings accounts that are accessible via Aetna Health Fund.



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