een overzicht van websites die adsl vergelijken mogelijk maakt


Adsl klikwijzer gives you the opportunity to compare different dsl services in the netherlands. You can also find here information about the adsl modem or router you can use. A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modem is a device used to connect a computer or router to a telephone circuit that has Digital Subscriber Line service configured. Like other modems, it is a type of transceiver.

Some DSL modems also manage the connection and sharing of the DSL service in a network, in this case, the unit is termed a DSL router or residential gateway. DSL routers have a component that performs framing, while other components perform Asynchronous Transfer Mode Segmentation and Reassembly, IEEE 802.1D bridging and/or IP routing. Typical user interfaces are Ethernet and Universal Serial Bus (USB). Although an DSL modem working as a bridge does not need an IP address, it may have one assigned for management purposes.

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