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AddFreeStats was set up in 1999. From a pioneer it has today become a leader in tracking websites. Since 20005 more 500,000 web sites are being tracked. The statistics are reliable, detailed and accurate.


AddFreeStats is the address for Web Masters to click on. It is all about free web statistics on real time. Free web site statistics are provided on their sites. The number of visitors can be tracked. How it is done is demonstrated. It is easy to know how many came to the site, when they came and what they thought about it. AddFreeSats has the know-how and shares it with you.

To increase your traffic on your web site click on to AddFreeStats and get the tips. Your site will be included in their Website Directory. Then just sit back and watch the fun. Websites are ranked by traffic numbers, rates and/or votes.

It is all detective work in exit links and Google adsense tracking clicks. Your visitor came and then went away. Find out where the visitor went. From your site to which site did the visitor go? This information can be profitably used by you to trim and frill your own site.

Inlive counts on its fingers the exact number of visitors present right now on your website and displays it in a box. Avail of the free website counter. Addcounter displays the number of visitors who came and went. It is all there for you to see on a small side box.

The website poll is free for you – a part of the AddFreeStats family. You will get a chance to interact by adding a question to your website or homepage.

Behind The Scenes

All that is done is HTML code is added from AddFreeStats to your website page. Each time a visitor knocks on your website a small button comes alive. While this is going on AddFreeStats gets really busy collecting information about your visitor – all the statistics in real-time. The marvel is that you can view your website numbers and figures anytime you want to do so by just clicking on a button. Nothing here is rigid and frigid. You are free to disclose how many you have hosted or use a password to block the information. The code is simple – mere child’s play – to add to your existing website. All you have to do is cut and paste the HTML code that AddFreeStats feeds into your existing website page code.





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