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Adaptivcool's Room Scale Intelligent Cooling is an integrated system to monitor and adaptively control the cooling within a Data Center. Data Centers worldwide are growing due to e-commerce and other applications. They consume a tremendous amount of electricity and half of this is used in cooling. Through proper airflow control, efficiency of this cooling is improved by up to 40%, this has been verified by ourselves and other prominent experts in the field. Our customers take advantage of this efficiency to add more servers in the same space or to reduce their energy bill. Our entire philosophy is built around moving the air and not having to move racks or servers, in other words NO downtime. We also improve overall cooling system reliability by making everything more efficient.

Many companies are focused on running their business and don't have full time cooling experts on staff to manage change. We fill this void by offering an ongoing remote monitoring service to protect the thermal health of the Data Center, or what we like to call Thermal Peace of Mind for the Data Center. We help to manage growth and change. Our customers don't get caught by surprise; instead they maximize their cooling infrastructure and can plan rationally for change. :


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Degree Controls, Inc. of Milford, New Hampshire is the parent company of AdaptivCool. Degree C was founded in 1997 and is a world leader in airflow and thermal management of electronics, especially in confined spaces. We use state-of-the-art electronic controls, simulation software, airmovers, and sensors to measure, predict, and control airflow and temperature. Degree Controls manages airflow and cooling to remove heat from critical components and systems :
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