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Adandu is Indonesian video mashup and video sharing community for creative indie video publishers, offering personal video library, rich media viewer, uploader, and content sharing to users. With video mashup, an easy to use, no separate software needed and free online video editor feature, users can create, sequence, trim, add special effects, or even adding video clips, soundtrack and images from multiple sources over the Internet.
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Adandu was founded in October 2008 by three young people in Indonesia. By providing free video editing and video sharing services to independent video publisher community in Indonesia, Adandu leads local websites competition as the first Indonesian website who offers video mashup creation and online video editing feature to its members as free services.

In a press conference on 18 November 2009, Adandu website was formally released for public access.


Video mashup (also written as video mash-up or video remix) feature give possibility to Adandu members to edit, sequence and add special effects to multiple video clips, images and audio sources to appear as one complete video clip, which is usually created as a community-submitted humorous video or parodies.

Along with other features offered by Adandu (i.e. blog, forum, group, music sharing, photo sharing, chips & karma), video mashup brings the next level of entertainment, creativity and social interaction experiences in an online community to member's web browsers. Each member can create, edit and mix audio, photo and video clips from various sources, while also can set clip duration, add special effects, insert transition effects between clips, or even adding texts or image objects into clips. With video mashup, members of Adandu can express individual creativity and talent in positive manners, such as making short training video, show a 'how-to' video to their friends, create a photo collection display with background song, promoting individuals or products with jingles and many other possibilities of creative audio-visual works.


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