ACW Toy Soldiers


We are proud to offer toy soldiers produced by Edmund's Traditional Toy Soldiers of San Francisco, CA. There are now over 200 sets in the American Civil War collection. We now have about 85% of these in stock and are continually adding inventory. Each set is handmade, solid cast, and painted by Edmund Fangonilo and comes in a deluxe box. The soldiers are created in the traditional old toy soldier style, scale is 1:32 (54mm), appx. 2 1/4" tall and made with great attention to detail. The sets are made of Aquaclean, a Pewter-like alloy which gives the feel of traditional lead soldiers but contains no lead or antimony (it is an alloy of tin, bismuth, and silver). Production of each set is limited to 100. The sets are for collectors and not appropriate for children.




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