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We are Acuity, Independent Creative Agency and Frontline Marketeers, we help the likes of Citroën, Peugeot, Continental Tyres, St John Ambulance and UK Insurance sell more through their franchise network or sales outlets. We deliver brand consistency at a local level, while creating intelligent campaigns precisely tuned to increase sales, and keep customers coming back for more. We make things happen.

We don’t hang about either. We’re faff-free, quick, and we don’t ever compromise on creativity.

The way we work with clients is a bit different too. There’s no ‘us and them.’ Instead, it’s more of a continuous loop – which works brilliantly.

Our expertise

Most big UK brands still suffer from a disconnect between national and local marketing. On the one hand, there’s Sales with its short-term bonus-driven culture. On the other there’s Marketing, with a long-term strategy of establishing brand equity.

Anyone in the thick of it will tell you it’s hardly a marriage made in heaven. But for most franchise or sales outlets it’s the frontline: the boots-on-the-ground part of the brand that relies on joined up ideas, thinking, visions and people. And that’s where we, as frontline marketeers, come in.

Our projects vary immensely, but typically we focus on ways to increase sales and customer retention. The bread and butter of any operation.

Case Studies

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We’ve been working with Citroën since 1998. No mean feat, especially when most agencies are reviewed every two to four years.

Citroën relies on us to create intelligent solutions, whilst working to short deadlines across multiple disciplines for various teams.

And, it means we shepherd their brand, ensuring the appropriate level of consistency is maintained, leading to greater saliency. Please find examples of case studies below:

Our People

We are Acuity, an independent creative agency, and we passionately believe in the effectiveness of creativity to deliver success for our clients.

Established in 1998 by two partners who still remain hands on today, we’ve continually evolved to meet the changing demands of the market place and grown into a multi-discipline agency offering everything from one-off project delivery to a full service experience.

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