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The Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), founded in 1993, is a Turkish non-governmental organization which has become a world reference in early childhood and adult education. Our first program, the Mother Child Education Program has trained hundreds of thousands of mothers and prepared them to support the development of their children so that the latter can be more successful in school and in life. This program, as all of our programs, is based on methods that are proven by science to work.

We at AÇEV believe that: •Equal opportunity in education must be created for all, •Education must begin in the early years and continue throughout the entire life, •The families, especially mothers, play a key role in a child’s development and must also be supported with training and resources

Since our inception, we have listened closely to the feedback we received from the participants in our programs and society at large. As a result, we have created many programs that build on our core beliefs but are more suited for the different communities we want to serve.

As an example, mothers have to be literate to be able to participate in Mother Child Education Program but we heard from many illiterate mothers that they too wished to be able to support their child’s development and created the Functional Adult Literacy and Women’s Support Program. This program goes beyond teaching women 15 and older how to read and write and teaches them about issues like citizenship, human rights and health, so that they can be more engaged members of society.

We have also, since 2001, developed TV programs that help us reach wider audiences, with content target at both young children through puppets and animations, and adults, through information on the importance of being literate and seeking education.

The final part of our activities is working to increase the general awareness of the importance of early education and of supporting the families. As an example, we created the “7 is too late campaign”, that included creating events such as children’s festivals and sporting events to raise general awareness, but also organizing meetings and panels to create knowledge.

To date AÇEV has: •Trained 5,500 trainers and through them served 450,000 people face-to-face education programs such as the Mother Child Education Program and the Functional Adult Literacy and Women’s Support Program. •Reached 6,000,000 viewers through TV programs •Reached an estimated 30,000,000 people through publications, research, and advocacy campaigns such as “7 is too late”


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