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Active and engaging speaker who entertains and educates participants as she inspires them to reach higher today than they did yesterday. Learn Keys Methods to Motivate Staff to Succeed and Lead, Women of Wisdom WOW: Increasing the Executive Wisdom of Women, Extinguish Burn Out – Identify Ways to De-Stress for Success, Improve Customer Sensitivity, Accelerate Your Business Potential, Cultivate Service Excellence, Resolve Conflicts: Discover How to Locate the Seed for the Solution , Ways to Improve Professional Assertive Communication, Skills for Professional Communication: Written/Telephone/Verbal/Nonverbal, Work, Live and Appreciate our Global World: Cultural Diversity Issues, Knockout Aggression: Learn how to Deal with Aggressive People, Create a Change Hardy and Stress Free Environment, Strategic Planning: Leads organizations in their development, and plan for implementation of goals, Facilitator of Meetings: , Achieving Cohesiveness with Ease: ACE Team Building for Success, Getting the Lead on Leadership , Flying Solo: Toolbox for Leadership, When Every Second Counts. Learn how to manage time before it manages you , Raise Presentation Skills to New Heights, Crash Course on Stress Relief: Extinguish Burn-Out , Take Motivation to New Heights:, Retain Employees and Help Them to Succeed and Lead, Jumpstart Mentoring with a Little Magic. , Pack Confidence into Your Communication , Learn to Hear the Words and the Silence , Genderly Speaking – The He She Art of Language, Remove the Fear of Resolving Conflicts, Increase Potential, Five Ways to Increase the Altitude of Customer Service , Accelerate Your Business Potential Cultivate Service Excellence, Lean Out the Door and See the World, Cultural Diversity Issues, Knockout Aggression, Learn how to deal with Aggressive People, Effectively Engaging Students, Tips for Building Self-Esteem in Adolescents, Parenting Classes and Behavior Management Techniques, The Good New and Bad News About Discipline Issues, Mentoring Our Children and Teens Today, Developing Responsibility for Children and Teens, Learn How to Parent a New Generation, Understanding Eating Disorders in Teens, Understanding Signs of Depression and Suicide in Adolescents, Automatically Activate Student Interest , Master Mentoring Children and Teens , Smoothly Navigate Life Issues: RISE, Increased Direction, Get a Jump on Understanding the New Generation, Prevent Disasters: Teens often Feel they are on Spiraling Freefall:, Understanding signs of Depression and Suicide in Adolescents , Understanding Eating Disorders in Teens, Parenting Adolescents Is Natural (PAIN), Parenting Classes and Behavior Management Techniques, The Good New and Bad News about Discipline Issues

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