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Title: Absolute Zero Project
First Launched: January, 2005
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AZP, also known as Absolute Zero or the Absolute Zero Project, is a Science Fiction "western" Manga written by Yellina Baxter and illustrated by Devyn Chang-Ngo. The story is set several hundred years into the future, about two mercenaries and a governtment conspiracy. AZP is part of the OrbisLuminos.nu circle.

The Story

Almost twenty years ago, an experiment involving genetically altered psychic children was scrapped by the government, all loose ends supposedly tied. The project, titled AbsoluteZero, was to remain unfinished, incomplete. Now, twenty years later, the AbsoluteZero project has been activated once again leaving our main characters, Morgan Avery and Cobi Lawson two mercs caught in the middle. What is the tie between these girls and AbsoluteZero? Why do people either want them dead, or worse? All they've ever done was collect bounties and hack into systems, or maybe it's something more, something bigger than they could have ever imagined...

The Characters

The Cast of AZP as illustrated by Devynci

Morgan Avery: Ex-military now Merc, Morgan doesn't talk about herself. She's strict about her job, she always wants half up front, the rest after the job is done, and she doesn't complete the transaction until after she has the remainder of her money. She's never failed on the job and she's usually in high demand. She can get information that most people could only dream of getting, if you need it, for a price, she can get it. She has a friend named Cobi Lawson, a childhood friend that serves as her mental anchor(she can keep Morgan from having seizures or major headaches when she uses her powers). Cobi is probably the only person she's halfway decent to.

Cobi Lawson: Little is known about Cobi besides the fact that she acts a little airheaded, but don't piss her off, she has a pretty hot temper. She's very into fashion and the latest trends, and as such she got the recent trend: Changing your eye color with your moods. She's Morgan's anchor, but Morgan is the only person she can speak to mentally, and it's a pretty weak link unless Morgan is in control of it. Cobi is an expert hacker, and it's actually the information that she finds about a project called Absolute Zero that our adventure begins.

Viktor Kussun-Fallenger: Viktor is the son of the Fallenger family, and they’re the family that actually funded and was a part of the AbsoluteZero project. Viktor believes that Morgan killed his mother, who he loved dearly. Because of that, Viktor wants revenge, he wants Morgan dead, and he’ll do anything to make that happen. Viktor runs a company called Kussun Interprises, which is now funding Li’s experiments. He's Morgan's equal in psychic abilities, and he has a program installed into his CCPU that prevents him from feeling the negative effects thanks to the Doc.


AZP is currently nearing the end of it's second chapter. The artist, Devynci, has been on hiatus.



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