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Being from a country where you couldn't, not afford but afford to get valuable web hosting service. All the free hosting companies were full of ads or they would not survive more then few months, and I was a web designer back then (still am) and needed my webspace, but nothing came out. I came out with an idea why not create a service of your own? And there we started, to break through and show our name somewhere, we had to offer something completely new. So we offered everything and more others were offering with 350MB of webspace, back then 300MB was given by this other provider. So we had to beat them at least by 50MB. This service worked just fine, until some time back in October-November 2004, when more and more people wanted their account, and our sponsor Google ditched us for "invalid clicks" on their ads. They should've given us around 600+$ which would cover all the server fees and you would actually earn something, however, without money and none of the "spare" money to keep us going we had to stop providing our service. My partner had given up on his (paid) hosting as well, and declined to help me out carry out my idea.

There I was talking to my friends and some "former" clients, and they were really sorry about what happened. Until one day I was talking to my friend, and I figured, if I got this far why not continue? Yes, it wasn't all milk and roses, it was poison and thorns, but why stop, something might come up. One month after we stopped our service, I started by myself only, completely new server and we started again. I'll skip to tell you all the horror stories I went through to get server cost paid, or how I got that money. To be honest, first 2 months passed, and I haven't gotten 1 single dollar, but I kept going. I had that "feeling" something will go right this way. And it did, we even started offering paid hosting with very few paid customers, but still it was good. I decided to give up on my University and devoted my whole time into Abshost. It wasn't all good but some things were just starting to work out, and Abshost had over 1000 registered free clients and around 100 paid users, few dedicated server clients and so on. Thing were looking good for long time, finally until ...

I had a horrible car accident. I was in coma for 4 days, and no one knew if I was going to live or not. I did live, 4th day I woke up and 5th day I went to surgery. I had amnesia as well as numerous other health problems. I still have a 40cm by 1.5cm metal pipe in my leg. I just had no idea what was going around me, I can't remember who said it first, but it was like "You're running a web hosting company?" and my respond was "Running what? What is that?" It was all good, clients were not touched, everything was working pretty fine, and to be honest, for the first time in my life I was thinking "clearly". I told myself I'll just switch all my clients to my cousins newly created host and this time I'll go and finish my University get my degree and devote my time to those who I love and those who love me. Of course this meant that I wanted to close Abshost, once for all. Until my colleague and I were going to our programming exam. We were sitting drinking coffee somwhere near Sarajevo, when something just "hit me". And I was like: "You know what Google is doing? You know how and what they are doing with Gmail? I want to the same thing?" he was more like "What, you want to run a mail service?" Until I explained what I wanted to do, to give unlimited premium web hosting for free. I believe this will happen in future that even the greatest host will be like this one, this is the future, who cares in how many years it happens, this is the future. Then we got ourselves a brand new server, so the following "main" crew of Abshost is my colleague Velimir Iveljic and I "boss" Adnan Hodzic.

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