From WhatIsaKnowledgeSoup This is a practise to make InterCommunityCollaboration much more efficient by copying your own URL-addressable postings from forums, blogs, wikis and elsewhere to the Aboutus.org wiki. Be careful that your postings are not in a Meatball:CopyrightTrap .


In addition of getting synergies from G MetCalf'sLaw, this has the following benefits for the:

source community

  • better searchability, due to the high Google rank of Aboutus.org pages
  • increased visibility
  • imbedding of screenshots and screencasts.
  • easier updating
  • a complete version history
  • better referencing of involved Websites (each Website can have a wiki-editable representation, cared for by friends of those Websites, who form themselves overlapping communities)
  • a protected environment, that is professionally patrouilled
  • new opportunities to connect and collaborate
  • ..

target community

i.e. Aboutus.org

  • new opportunities to connect and collaborate
  • more visibility outside
  • more authority and impact on the Web
  • more attraction to friendly and constructive co-workers and investors
  • more adsense income
  • ..

fridemar 10:07, 22 May 2009 (EDT)

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