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Do you know tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamond! And that the only deposits of tanzanite are found in Tanzania, the country after which it has received its name. Do you know this vibrant and blushing violet-blue gem in its natural state is brown and dull in appearance? Also, it is the only stone that has been added to the official list of birthstones since 1952.

Tanzanite is assigned as the birthstone of December in 2002 and has been titled as the ‘gemstone of the 20th Century’. It is a unique and exotic gem with amazing pleochroic properties.

Accidently discovered by Masai tribesmen in Meralani Hills of Tanzania, tanzanite was first officially introduced to the world in 1967 by New York jeweler, Tiffany & Co. who was ultimately responsible for its much-deserved popularity.

The company has rigorously marketed the gem and it became a household name in just a short span of 45 years. Today, tanzanite is equally sought after as precious stones. It has a wide and varied market with people who can spend millions of dollars to get the finest quality tanzanite. The stone is now a rage as the world knows that the deposits are left only for a generation and they will get exhausted in just few decades.

Tanzanite, being exotic, enthralling and extravagant, is highly demanded in jewelry and fashion. It is now a trend symbol and people love to adorn the best of their looks with tanzanite jewelry.

In fact, tanzanite rings are gradually becoming a coveted choice for engagement and wedding. Tanzanite jewelry is very much in vogue and will soon be a treasured heirloom. These are just few of the facts about this mesmerizing gemstone. But supposedly they are not enough for a jewelry lover. Therefore, we have created abouttanzanitejewelry.com. This website provides all the information and resources you may need to learn and enhance your knowledge about tanzanite and tanzanite jewelry.


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