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Which ancient stone has a spectrum of colors? Which is the second hardest gemstone on earth? Why blue sapphire is a precious stone? Why sapphire engagement rings are so popular? How to care for your sapphire jewelry?

You can never get enough of sapphires. But if you are interested in exploring this wondrous gem, aboutsapphirejewelry.com is a place to start. From history and mysteries to tradition and trends, know everything about sapphire with us.

Do you know this enchanting stone is one of the must-treasured gemstones of all time. It has a trail of ancient lore and legends, facts and fictions associated with it. A member of corundum family, sapphire comes in all the colors of rainbow. You can find it in pink, green, orange, yellow, white etc. but the most desirable is a cornflower blue. Blue sapphire is also very famous for engagement rings and has a long written royal history where many princesses had received blue sapphire engagement rings as a symbol of love and commitment.

In fact, this colored equivalent of diamond is a royal stone that has received the title of ‘Gem of Kings’ for it has been known to bestow wisdom and power to the owner. Sapphires, in all the available colors, enchant women of all ages and are considered as a staple accessory for any look, style and occasion.

A brilliant gift to mark a special moment, a splendid style icon or an enthralling trendsetter, sapphire jewelry is perfect for any reason to dazzle.

Explore this wonderful and extravagant world of sapphire, educate you about the stone, know the facts and fiction associated with the gem and enjoy the beautiful world of sapphires with aboutsapphirejewelry.com.


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