Stone Floor Cleaning And Restoration Abbey Floor Care

Abbey Floor Care is a Midlands based Stone Restoration company specialising in transforming dull uninviting stone floors into beautiful gorgeous surfaces. We work for domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK

Restoring stone is a craft and our skills have been honed over many years. Stone cleaning is a vocation not just a job. If you’re going to restore any kind of stone, they you’ve got to have a compulsive, can do approach, because every stone job comes with its own issues and headaches. When we take a job on, we keep at it until it we achieve the exact finish we agreed on.

In most cases this means we will visit free of charge and do a sample restoration so we both agree on the finish you’re after. If we can’t get the finish you’re after (and this hasn’t happened up to now), then we won’t try to persuade you to change your mind.

Also we won’t charge you for the sample, we’ll just say thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate our service and hopefully help you get a little closer to the finish you’ve always dreamed of.

Small by design, we’re not a large company. Most of the work is done by the owner, David, a slightly compulsive older guy who doesn’t really like trusting his customers to other people.

If you’re looking for help and advice about cleaning your stone floor I am more than happy to help you. Wether it is spending an hour on the phone talking about the different options you have, or sending you one of our infomation guidesI am sure we can help you.

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