Leading Au Pair agency in China

We are a leading Au Pair agency in China. With more than hundreds of matching experience around China, we are pleased to serve families and Au Pairs with high satisfaction.

For now a growing number of families become more focus on the infant and children education which they are cultivating their kids a good habit from very young, especially on the languages learning. Nowadays, there’s no doubt that Au pair in China program has become a new trend of languages studying, even has become more popular in some rich Chinese families. Au pair program is open to everyone across the world which could make Chinese family and kids get to know western cultures and custom etc., importantly, kids are able to learn languages without going abroad. It’s win-win situation for kids and Au pairs to learn from each other. We always believe that the only way to improve language skill is f to provide your kids a fully language environment with Au pair program. If you are interested of learning the Chinese language, the best way is to learn it in China. If you are 18-29 year old, loving children, fluent English speaking, you can take time from 3-12 months to China as an Au Pair with Chinese study tuition free. For the benefits as an Au Pair in China, you can visit the tofriend website: We work so you can enjoy China!

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