To change a nation we must raise visionary leaders

We truly believe that to change Haiti we must build visionary leaders, leaders with ethical values. Our vision is to educate the children and give opportunities to young people in Haiti. No longer would a child have to be sponsored in order to continue with their education beyond High School. No child should be left behind. The problem is that there are so many homeless children in Haiti at this time. These children have been exposed to threats such as HIV, prostitution, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, slavery, human trafficking and all kinds of diseases. 

Our goal is simply to educate the children, influence and motivate the youth to be successful by creating opportunities for them. Our vision is not only to feed the poor but also to educate them.  Empower a community whereby the children with little hope can not only receive food but also hope. Our desire is to build into the children so that when they leave the orphanages they are able to sustain themselves and become visionary leaders.

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