AEDGRANT.COM is a program that grants funding for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). It is a corporate Buy Down grant program funded by generous donations, corporate backing, and AED manufacturer sponsors.

The concept behind AED Grant is that AED Manufacturers are interested in increasing their market share by placing as many of these critical lifesaving devices in as many locations as possible. Training organizations are also interested in making AED devices readily available to companies and the general public as they then have more opportunities for training in AED use, CPR, and other vital lifesaving skills.

How does an AED Work

An AED is an external electronic device, usually portable, that analyzes and treats cardiac arrest by reestablishing a regular heart rhythm. The device administers an electric shock to the heart muscle, allowing the rhythm to resynchronize.

The operator applies the electrode pads directly on the bare chest of the victim. Once the pads are attached, the AED analyzes the heart rhythm and determines if a shock is needed to administer fibrillation. If the device decides that a shock is necessary, it will charge and prepare to deliver the shock. The device then tells the user to ensure no one is in physical contact with the victim and then to press the “shock” button. After the shock is delivered, the device begins to monitor the heart rhythm again, determining if another shock is necessary.

AED's Available under the Grant Program

Grant Eligibility

Private and public businesses, agencies and institutions are considered for this AED Grant Program. Even individuals may be eligible and are welcome to apply. The application form can be found here.

Grant Recipients

Grants have been provided to the following organizations:

For a complete list of Grant recipients click here.


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