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About offers extensive product reviews on acai-related supplements as a free service to educate consumers against acai berry scams and provide background information on the common active ingredients of such products.'s mission is to provide the most accurate information possible regarding acai products. In each report, we include informative ingredient research and known benefits to answer all your consumer questions prior to purchasing an acai supplement.

Acai-Related Product Scams.

The acai "superfruit" craze has flooded the online community with overwhelming advertisements for acai berry products with drastically exaggerated results and a generalized explanation of what the acai berry actually is or what nutrients this potent fruit contains. As such, the market is now polluted with online Acai scams.

So why is everyone so crazy about acai? Well, as with most herbal supplements available at your local Whole Foods or natural health stores, acai has been popularized due to its significance as a source of nutrition from its native population, which for the acai palm, would be the Amazonian tribes of Brazil. This fruit has been the primary ingredient for these tribal diets.

What Are the Acai's Nutritional Values?

The acai berry has been marketed as an instant cure-all for every ailment. These claims stretch the truth to such an extent that the actual value of the fruit is lost to the consumer. Taking a particular acai supplement will not cause you to lose 10 pounds of fat overnight, however, the acai berry does provide a significant and varied array of health benefits. Acai is largely concentrated with polyphenol antioxidants, the same antioxidants in wine and pomegranates that are believed to improve one's overall quality of life and lower the risk of notable cancers and health problems such as breast cancer and high cholesterol through extensive research and observation.

The acai berry also contains olecic acid, proteins, iron, aspartic and glutamic acids, vitamins A and C, beta-Sitosterol, and the polyphenol resveratrol, whose combined benefits include but are not limited to improved memory, reduced blood pressure, lowered blood levels of cholesterol, as well as significantly reduced blood sugar and prevention of the development of tumors in the breast tissue.

Acai Berry Product Reviews.

The purpose of any natural supplement is to promote a healthy lifestyle through better nutrition and eating habits, not a quick-fix replacement. For this reason, discourages consumers from purchasing unknown acai products from distrustful sources and instead promotes acai herbal supplements with combined key ingredients known to improve overall health. Use of a reputable acai product, combined with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, will encourage a better quality of life through habitual consumption. For more information, read our Acai Berry reviews at

Recommended Supplement: Acai Balance.

At the top of the list of genuine, beneficial acai products is the supplement known as Acai-Balance, available at Acai-Balance. This botanical has four key ingredients: acai, pomegranate, green tea extract, and mangosteen. Like acai, green tea and pomegranates are rich with beneficial antioxidants. Pomegranates are additionally known to reduce factors for heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Green tea has a vast array of health perks associated with its use, ranging from increasing bone density to decreasing the likeliness of kidney stones, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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