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ACS or Affiliated Computer Services, Incorporated is a top company for Fortune 500. It is a provider of diverse IT and BPO solutions to outsourcing problems. There are more than 10,000 clients from the government and commercial businesses from all over the globe, which are provided with its services. It has several locations all throughout the world, catering to the needs of almost 100 countries. It consists of over 40,000 workers, providing the customers with high quality global operations and service delivery. To top this off, it has achieved recognition among its competitors and major business sources. It is considered as the head within the industry of computer services.

ACS Incorporated is successful and consistent with its goal to help clients. It offers ground breaking business solutions which are designed to fit broad scope markets. These may include: communications, energy, financial services, education, health care, retail, government, transportation, and manufacturing. It is driven by its principle and unique method of serving its clients. Its employees carry out their tasks through the belief that they can do every possible way to make each of their services successful. The people of ACS make sure that they work hard, and that they are qualified to do their job. They perform their tasks in a proactive way. They collaborate with other workers to assure that the specifications of the customers and the clients are complied with adequately or exceedingly. They make sure that they are able to offer personal care, flexibility, and creativity to the demands of the clients. Lastly, they are committed to be the partner of the customers and not just a service provider.

The Goal to Help and Serve the People

During the year 1988, Darwin Deason (Chairman of the Board, and founder) has taken in a group of exemplary professionals. These individuals possess great expertise with information technology, and they are endowed with a passion to hustle in what they know. They are the pioneers of the principle that they can do everything in every possible way. Giving up is no among their beliefs and options.

ACS Inc is an outstanding provider of diverse solutions to information technology (IT) outsourcing, and business process outsourcing (BPO). These services are offered to its clients whom are based from all over the world. Its company is based in Dallas, with its business reaching out to 100 nations. Its BPO services include the following: accounting and finance, administration, payment services, human resources, sales, management of supply chains, customer support and care, and marketing. On the other hand, its IT outsourcing solutions offer superior services: management of data center; applications solutions; disaster recovery; management of network systems; end-user computing; storage solutions; human resource transition services; security services; and reviewing, assessing, and planning technology. All of these services are provided with effectively at a low cost. Clients won’t have to worry about the maintenance of their systems anymore, since ACS will do the management for them. All they have to attend to are the goals of their industry.

The Global Service of ACS

Making sure that the company is able to serve effectively and successfully, its capacities and knowledge extends towards the following:

  • BPO or business process outsourcing
  • Integration and Systems
  • IT or information technology outsourcing
  • E-Solutions

Whether the industry or organization is small or huge, ACS provides its services without hesitation. The clients are guaranteed that the team of the company will stick to their job until they are successful.

The Information Technology of ACS

Currently, the world of business finds information technology very essential for success and efficiency. Business owners see IT as a strategic asset to their industry. With it also come technical complications which are used for the acquisition, maintenance, storage, and security of their key asset. Since these are greatly needed by industries and agencies all over the world, ACS provides these along with flexibility and expertise. It has a broad array of solution packages that are customized according to the demands of the clients, and challenges of their businesses. The company offers the following transactions:

  • outsourcing services for remote infrastructure management
  • arbitrage of labor
  • outsourcing services for basic IT data centers
  • unbundled service towers
  • utility computations
  • modular transactions
  • end-to-end information technology and business process outsourcing

The clients of ACS are considered as the core model of the service delivery and governance. Its approach towards the deliverance of its IT solutions is according to intentional collaboration and teaming with the global clients. Furthermore, the company is set to carry out a complete package of services anytime it is needed and anywhere the client is. Through its worldwide facilities and employees, it has been able to cater with its full capabilities. It consistently addresses the possibilities and challenges of technology.





2828 N. Haskell Ave
Dallas TX 75204 US


Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
+1 800 888 4227, Fax: +1 214 827 5847

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