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Headquarter: Mr. Ma Yang (Nick: Goofy), 100039, Beijing, China, Tel: +86 13111282843, Email:

31Jinrong Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100032, China

Contact Website Designer: :Oaks Co. oakpacific

China - Guangdong - Guangzhou - Chinanet Guangdong Province Network


Special Notes

9Down.com also provide downloadable links of illigal copyright software with KeyGens, and Cracks(Patch). International Copyright Law Organizations such as FBI, BSA are watching this Chinese / Vietnamese Website activities regularly. The site is monitored by US Law in order of the Software Industry.


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9down.com can not get in trouble with copyright content, cause the founder and leader "LEGEND" alias "GOOFY" is the Webdevelopment Project China UGiA.cn

Many Asian Websites are created from them and supported since 1999. They belong to Chinas "Elite" as Lectures in Universities and other High Job Positions with a width range of national and international contacts. Some of them students may work on these projects in Webdevelopment, Hosting and publishing global. This is one of the most global visited English public Warez Website since year 2000 with clever strategies. Keep on this great work 9down.com !

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 24, 2007, 6:26 am

9Down and Rapidshare

The Chinese Website/Server owner maybe have some agreements and special connection with Boby Chang the Rapidshare.com owner. Vastdown.com is miles better with direct downloads. Many Vietnamese Forums (hostet in USA) are the big news and xchange sources. The Website looks not as a typical warezpage and isn't up to date as Betanews Fileforums and official News sites. Food of stranger for some poor underground stuff and Warez courriers. Downloads almost Fakes or wrong Versions.
  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 3, 2007, 8:59 am

No words

No words for this but of course Chinas transmition antenna to submite warez to USA, Canada and Europe, not only 3th world stored in Germans RapidShare Trasher with all log infos. It doesn't look as a typical warez site. I be aware from this. They did possible not hear about RapidShare Company beside Law and them results.
  • posted by Anonymous on Feb 8, 2007, 2:20 pm

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