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With the emphasis on integrity and ethical conduct, we only work with developers with a proven track record of delivering quality property, on time.

Our panel of property professionals have the breadth and depth of experience to research and source the best property investment locations and the best developers to do business with.

We undertake diligent and comprehensive research, not only on the property, but also on the developer. This involves the use of our team of forensic accountants, surveyors and architects.

Any Investment property we offer will be one of the 7 Best luxury investment properties in the world today.

All of our properties are branded as 'Tailormade Investment Villages'. This is known as a 'wrapper'. All of our clients will receive a free one hour appointment with one of our recommended high net-worth tax consultants at the time of the client's initial deposit.

All of our 'Tailormade Investment Villages' come with a recommendation for an optimum selling on period, typically, 3, 5 or 7 years. Should you adhere to the recommended time scales, 7 Best Invest will work with you 6 months before the recommended expiry date to sell your property on. All that we would ask is that you agree that 7 Best Invest has first refusal on your property investment.

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  • 7bestinvest (delighted) : 7 Best Invest takes a philanthropic view point on business and wealth creation. They are actively involved in supporting charitable organisations and they donate 5% of their profit to the Prince’s Trust and 5% to our own charity, Inner City Sailing. 06:27, 29 February 2008 (PST)

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