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www.64arts.in is an Indian art gift shop selling Raja Ravi Varma paintings, Kerala Mural art, famous paintings of the Great Masters like Vincent van Gogh, Edouard Manet, Claude Manet, Monet, Renoir, Pablo Picasso as a collage of poetry, literature and movies, photography and modern and abstract paintings of mythology on oil on canvas and architectural renderings.

www.64arts.in is an art initiative aimed at reviving the interest in the 64 great arts of the universe. These 64 arts were given its due importance in the early ages and have been described at length in the scriptures particularly Sri Vidya and Srimad Bhagawatha. The great kings and other spiritual aspirants were highly accomplished and immensely talented and had imbibed the higher values and understanding of these arts. Many stories are found in the Puranas as well as in Kavi Kalidasa's extraordinary plays.

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