4x400 Meter Relay (part of the Olympics theme)

4x400 Meter Relay (part of the Olympics theme)

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Theme description

4x400 Meter Relay

In the 4x400 meter relay, four runners each run 400 meters, handing the baton off (over the course of 20 meters of running) from person to person as the race continues. Only with the help of every single member of the team can they hope to win. Because this is a 400-meter race, sprinting will not succeed; runners have to pace themselves and use strategy to decide the best speed to run. Individual leadership is vital - each person is responsible for their own portion of the race, and any individual's failure means failure for the entire team.

Similarly, we each have a significant impact on our project - the project won't succeed because of a single person, but it will certainly fail if a single person fails. Our projects aren't sprints - the vast majority of our projects are long-term, and so we have to pace ourselves to do our best.

Your goal this quarter is twofold:

   1. Lead one of the daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings you regularly attend.
   2. Take the official public minutes for one of the meetings you regularly attend.

The meeting you lead must not be one you typically lead. Similarly, the meeting for which you take minutes may not be one for which you are typically the minute-taker. For example, if you're a project manager, you'll want to lead a meeting besides the one you run for your own projects. You may, however, be a minute-taker for that meeting, if you don't typically do that (and of course you should not be taking minutes if you are leading the meeting!).

We haven't forgotten about last month, so please do make sure you're implementing the ideas you had for improving your project. If you have an update about your improvement concept, please email your manager and cc Dan. It'll help you in your employee evaluations!

If everyone accomplishes this goal, the company will be treated to a shooting range experience at the largest indoor shooting range on the East Coast - Gilbert Indoor Range in Rockville (or, for those of you who don't like playing with firearms, a $50 Amazon gift certificate). Make sure your coworkers are completing the goal!

We must succeed at all four quarterly goals in order to get the annual prize - $500 towards a gym membership or a piece of exercise equipment.

Due date: June 30, 2008. No extensions!

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