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Welcome to 4-animes.com, your online Anime & Hong Kong DVD Superstore. We carry all of the most popular Japanese anime DVDs, Hong Kong, Korean & Japanase Movies DVDs, wall scrolls and more. 4-animes.com is also dedicated to providing the latest releases in anime DVDs and has one of the most extensive inventories of anime DVD online. Including Initial D , Neon Genesis Evangelion , The Vision of escaflowne , Saiyuki , .hack//SIGN , Dragon Ball , Hellsing , Berserk , Macross , Fist of the north star , Sprited Away , Chobits , Cowboy Bebop , Sailor Moon , Rurouni kenshin , Akira , Trigun , Najica Blitz Tactics , RahXephon , Samurai Deeper Kyo , 3 X 3 Eyes , Fruits Basket , Excel Saga , Patlabor , Dangaioh , Ranma 1/2 , King of Bandit Jing , Inuyasha , Tenchi Muyo , Lost Universe , Fushigi Yugi , Outlaw Star , FLCL , Hello Kitty , Nadia , Wild Arms , Z.O.E , Magic Knigh Rayearth , Lupin the 3rd , Novels , Anime , all at discounts of up to 60%.
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