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Lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days with this simple diet. No pills, herbs or frozen meals to buy. Order on-line and start today.



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The 3 Day Diet is marketed by Balinet, Inc. It’s a privately owned, Alsio Viejo, California based company, which was founded in 1991. Balinet started out as an importer of crafts from Bali, Indonesia. They then began publishing nutritional information and selling diet subscriptions in 1996, via the internet. Currently, Balinet, Inc also provides website hosting and design. The 3 Day Diet website indicates that it was “developed for people who need to lose large amounts of weight”. This diet appears to be a calorie controlled diet which is maintained in cycles of three days. The promotional materials say that if you follow the instructions, which are bought online, you can “lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days”. We believe there are many diet plans on the market today which make unsubstantiated promises in regard to large amounts of weight loss.

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The 3 Day Diet program is essentially a do-it yourself at home program, with no support provided. After you sign up at their website, you are emailed recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days, along with other diet related instructions. The only purchase you have to make is the initial fee. We were glad to see that the 3 Day Diet program does not sell any frozen meals or supplement bars at an additional expense, like some other diet plans. The 3 Day Diet website does provide additional free recipes and full daily menus, which we found encouraging. The basic premise of this diet is that you follow the diet plan for three days, and then you have four days “off”, hoping that you don’t overeat on those “off” days. After the four “off” days pass you can resume the diet again - basically one time a week. It seems that, according to the website the cycle can continue for as long as you want it to. It was disappointing that they supplied no scientific research to support this claim. The program promises that it is “not a starvation diet”, which basically appears to be true. They incorporate the tried and true adage of drinking water in this program, suggesting you drink four glasses of water per day. In general, this advice has been seen in many different diets for decades.

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